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I went deer hunting in KY last week. I didn't get a big buck but I shot this doe. At 16yds my arrow hit her shoulder, broke the bone and then penetrated her lung! She ran 30 or 40yds and crashed! This bow is a killing machine! Thanks for building such a beautiful and well performing bow for me. This is the first of many deer that will fall in front of this bow!

Robert Pasternak

Hi Steve,

I got my bow this morning and I must say it was worth waiting for! It's truly a work of art. You do fantastic work! I went this evening to do some tuning and here's what I found. To start with this bow is super quiet, draws smooth as silk, shoots fast and hits hard. I started with a 200gr point and had to go to a 340 spine arrow. It did well at 10yds but at 15 it was all over the place. I went to a 400 spine and a 175 point and that did the trick. It came off the bow good and hit the target straight. I stepped back to 15yds and then 20yds and it did great! I'm going to order some 400 spine arrows and start my fine tuning. Squirrel season opens weekend after next and I'll be slinging arrows at them with my Bushmen Bow!

Thanks Again

Bob Pasternak




Hi, Steve

I have been playing with my bow for awhile now. Probably may be 2 weeks. I thought I owe you some thing.
 When first I came back to all my bows - I picked up a few of them, of course , my favorites. Strung them up ,take them to the backyards and enjoy shooting all of them . Kind of nostalgic feeling for the good old times given that I could not shoot any bows for 7-8 months due to my shoulder injury. It went on like that for awhile until finally ,before I know it, I am left with only your bow to string her up . I have to say that I enjoy shooting her so much . Time went by very fast shooting this bow. She was so gorgeous., quiet , and deadly accurate. Although I have been away from all my bows for many months ,after awhile ,I can put all my arrows in the group of the cigarette pack with good consistency at 13 meters. Thanks for your making this bow. I have with me more than 20 bows now both recurve and longbow including many big-name bows. I can say without hesitation that your bow is really amongst the top list of my favorites.

 Kamol R Thong, Thailand

I'll second what C.S. said about the Bushmen bows. I prefer recurves but I did test shoot one of his bows once. I thought it was a finely made bow with excellent cast. The one I shot had his "toad skin" grip finish on the grip. The toad skin was nice since it was really hot that day and my hands were damp with sweat...You can tell Steve is an artist(and perfectionist) when you look at his bows.


I bought one of his bows this past TBOF for my girlfriend. The bows craftsmanship is flawless. For a 35# bow it zips an arrow. I can't remember the model but it's nice. I'll see if I can put up a pic or send me an email and I can send you some.


like another poster said "he's a perfectionist"...and extremely artistic....i've put well over 10,000 arrows across mine and it's still like the day i bought it..i shot his shorter bows and as expected they were extremely snappy..but it was the hydraulic feeling draw of the 64" action-boo limbs of his "american native" model that captured my heart..utterly predictable and supr smooth..hope that helps.  



You should be good for a few Christmases with a new Bushmen "American Native" longbow.
I remember the one I owned at one time being one of the sweetest shooting,accurate, best looking bows I ever had the pleasure of owning.  Mudd

Bushmen bows are top notch, Steve is a real innovator. I shot one at the Fall TBOF shoot and couldn't believe how fast and quiet it was.

tarponnut http://www.truesouthadventures.com/

Yet another hidden local gem of a bowyer named steve jewett who makes bushmen longbows...this one is a 64" heavy RD design 43#'s @28" and it's bamboo limbs are smooth as silk gaining almost exactly 2lbs per inch of draw from 23" all the way to 30"..it almost feels hydraulic..the riser is a double fishtail design with a core of bubinga with fishtail laminates of stabilized burl olive, bacote and zebrawood, all separated with black/white phenolic. stringers..It came with a hand woven beaded stringer (that loops on a 2nd set of string slots at the tips he calls "zulu stringer nocks") and a string keeper/tip protector made of stitched leather with polished antler buttons (to keep the same string twists when unstrung..price?..$850..and to me...it looks like twice that!


Bowyer Steven Jewett with a nice Indiana buck

Hi Steve, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new double carbon takedown Longbow. This thing is sweet. Wow… it’s smoking for a 44 pound bow. I cronographed it with a 300 grain arrow and it shoots 198 ft./s consistently. The solid glass riser really adds some weight….just what I wanted, and the takedown feature is unreal. (I've had to take it apart for several people to prove that it really WAS a takedown bow.) What amazes me the most is that there's absolutely no hand shock. It seems as though you've really got your Longbow design perfected. The workmanship is fabulous, too... There are NO flaws that I can see. This is the bow that I've been waiting for, thank you so much Steve; you really are a master craftsman!   Kurt

"I have been exclusively shooting Bushmen Long Bows for several years now and in my opinion nothing can touch them.  Bushmen Bows are not only works of art, they are extremely fast, durable, and hard hitting.  Owning an archery shop myself I see many bows first hand, but I choose Bushmen Bows.  From deer to big game they have never let me down.  The new take down (2 piece) model is the easiest and fastest bow to take a part and pack on the market.  It is a joy to shoot and with Steve Jewetts strong riser design the bow feels identical to the one piece models.  Bushmen bows are truly unique and are the finest longbows I have ever shot."

 -Scott Crippen
White's Tackle, Fort Pierce, Florida


Dear Steven,
Greetings from California.
I promised you a letter about the bow and finally here it is.

I want to give you a little background so you can appreciate how special the bow is to me.
I’ve been a monk for 40 years and live in the hills in north San Diego County – rugged beautiful country.
Over a year ago I discovered several bows and some arrows in a storeroom. I immediately thought that I like to shoot but my mind said, “You don’t have time for that.” I picked up one of the bows and a couple of arrows and went outside and shot. After a couple of shots I wished I had also put on the armguard that was there with the bow. Oh well, it didn’t take long for the welt to go down.
With the first shot I realized that I was more aware of the quietness inside, no mental chatter, just stillness.  It was one of the few activities outside of meditation that increased the awareness of the stillness, the quiet, the peace.
Any monetary gifts I received from family, friends, and congregation at Christmas-time I put in an envelope marked “Bow Fund”. After Christmas there was well over $1,000 in the envelope.
After doing some looking on the Internet I realized that for a little more money than the price of a high-end off-the-shelf bow I could get a custom made bow. So I started researching bowyers – there’s tons of  ‘em. How was I ever going to decide which one since I was totally new to archery and knew practically nothing about it except that I enjoyed shooting and the deeper awareness of the inner stillness it brought?
At one point I felt like I had visited every bowyer’s site on the web, including yours. I finally found that I was consistently coming back to three sites – yours and two others. The prices of your bows were more than the other two bowyers. Even though I had enough money in the envelope to purchase one of your bows, money was still an issue since as monks we receive an allowance of only $60/mo.
However, there was something about your bows that appealed to me more than the others even though I couldn’t say exactly what it was. It definitely was not your holographic images or the beautifully crafted fishtail risers – way too fancy for an old monk. I did very much like the clean simple design of the American Native model bows shown in your catalog. (By the way, congratulations to your graphic artist on the catalog.)
Finally the understanding came to me that even though it would be more money I wanted a Bushman American Native Bow. One of the reasons was I got the sense that you were a perfectionist and that you were not only a craftsman but also an artist.
After we talked by phone several times I sent you the down payment. I had full confidence that you would make a great shooting bow, but would it have the clean simple look I had tried to describe to you? We talked several more times and you emailed me pictures of the bow in progress, which I really appreciated.  Finally I had to surrender and let the artist do his job and be willing to accept whatever it came out looking like.
After about 3 months when the shipping tube arrived I was like a kid on Christmas morning. When I reached into the tube to pull out the bow I knew I was going to like it even before I saw it because of the feel. The finish on the bow felt like a finely polished gemstone.
You did capture the clean simple design I had hoped for. A bonus is that it has something of an antique-look which appeals to me. Plus, I really like the overall shape of the strung bow.
The epay raiser with just a small amount of figured mahogany and the stripe created by the carbon layer has a simple elegance.
The Actionboo limbs faced with node bamboo have a very natural look. And with the carbon it’s a fast bow. I recently chronographed it and got readings as high as 197 fps and 207 fps!
Your artist side really came through when you used that reddish-brown phenolic with the figured mahogany on the tips. Most people can’t tell where the mahogany stops and the phenolic starts. It looks as if the whole tip is mahogany.
For appearance you get an A+. I enjoy looking at the bow almost as much as I do shooting it. In fact, I do keep it hanging on the wall so I can enjoy looking at it.
Although I don’t have a lot to compare with, I’m very happy with the performance of the bow. I’m basically a target shooter and the bow shot well right from the get-go without a lot of adjustments. I made a slight adjustment to the string nocks and that was it.
I had sent you a tracing of my left hand. I don’t know if you used it or not, but it’s a perfect fit. I had mentioned that I didn’t want the finger grooves very deep and you did it just right. They’re subtle to the appearance but very apparent to the feel.
I really like the Zooloo double groove for stringing and unstringing the bow – very quick and easy.
The only other person that’s shot the bow is Jim, the owner of the local archery store. I wanted to get his feedback on it. After shooting a few arrows he said, “Nice bow.” He asked me how much it cost. When I told him he said, “That’s a good price for a bamboo bow with carbon.”
Going back to why I decided on a Bushmen Bow, I think a lot of it was picking up on your positive enthusiastic energy – not just for making bows, but for life in general. Not only did this make it pleasant to deal with you, but at the risk of sounding metaphysical, I believe an artists’ or craftsmen’s creations carry with them something of the nature of their creators.
I know you make many bows and get a lot of positive feedback, but I wanted to try to express to you how special the bow is to me – it’s a continuation of my meditation practices.
Bottom line is I’m very much enjoying and happy with “Bob’s Bushmen Bamboo Bow.”

Many thanks,
PS  The arrows are great too. I like the helical fletching.

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Here are some more pictures of happy Bushmen Bow owners

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I have tried many longbows and my Bushmen is by far the best bow I have ever shot. The craftsmanship, accuracy, and speed are second to none. If you're looking for a great bow for hunting or target shooting, look no further than Bushmen Bows!

Ronnie Williams

Here are some warpoints that Torsten found in Germany

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Received my, "Bushmen Longbow", in the mail yesterday. What can I say, ?????????

Your craftsmanship is outstanding !!!!!!!
 Your workmanship is flawless, and the bow is beautiful!!! Way more than I expected!! And the big surprise, the bow shoots as good as it looks !!!!!!!!! Took only 10 minutes to bare shaft tune the bow. It is accurate, fast and very quiet, no sound from it at all. !!!! You really outdid yourself; I am one very happy hunter. !!!! Been shooting longbows for over 55 + years; have shot many, and owned more than I care to count.
This IS, the Best of the Best. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, ever so much. !!!

Gary Kehne, (CHEM), (USA RET).

This from one of our German customers
Hi Steve !

I have my bow, and what for a bow !! Very, Very nice,the colors of the riser, limbs and nocks and the flint holographs. I stringed first my bow, wow, smotly-softly ,but energisch his recurves,a nice form,easy to stringed. The grip is pervect to my hand,my first shoot, wow, very fast and no handshock!--also with light arrows, I tryed different arrows,the bow hit on the point, he shooted pervect for me. I will next time shoot in my bowclub long distance. I´m very happy about this bow,Steve,you are a big profi !! This is the best fieberglasbow, who I shooted in my live. The bow has inch to inch a high energie and effizienz, but pull softly.

When the next time here is better weather, I will make pict.for you in my bowclub.

Many thanks for this nice bow, Steve.

Chau, Torsten.

I love my bow!  Not only does it shoot with accuracy, but it is the prettiest bow in the world!  Often when I'm at Renaissance Faires, people will come up to talk with me about it!  It's light, easy to handle, and suits my personality.  Steve is a true visionary when it comes to style and design.       Mary Jo http://www.offthetrailsparanormalinvestigations.org/


I grew up hunting the woods of Pennsylvania and have been shoting traditional bows for over 30 years.

As an avid hunter I have taken many Deer, hogs, and turkeys with traditional tackle. My new Bushmen is the best bow I have ever shot. It's great for 3D, and hunting.

Herme Kos

Quail Creek Plantation Hunting Preserve

Steven Jewett makes the finestbow on the market today. Handshock is a myth to me. Steve's bows shoot as smooth and fast as my treasured Bob Lee Recurve. The craftsmanship is world class. I bought my first Bushmen, and decided that I needed one of his takedown models for traveling on my motorcycle. Now, I've also decided that I need one of his new recurves.

A man cannot have too many bows!

Paul Fitzpatrick

Hey Steven...I would just like to let you know how I'm doing with my new 60" Bushmen Longbow. I have owned a lot of longbows in the last 10 years and have shot many different makes and models...some have performed better than others but I have to tell you honestly, without a doubt, your bow draws the smoothest and shoots the fastest out of any that I have owned! God's honest truth! The zulu stringer knock system is the most user friendly way to string and unstring a bow...it's fool proof! I'm amazed that a bow this attractive shoots as quietly and as quick as it does. I will highly recommend your bows to my friends and hunting buddies...keep up the great craftsmanship and I will see you at the next TBOF shoot in August.

Sincerely, Steve Sparks

I've had my Custom American Native longbow now for about a month. It's really a work of art and beautiful! I didn't spare anything in the design discussions, Steven, and you really came through! Only 45 lbs at my draw of 27 inches and I chronographed it at 184 ft/sec with a 352 gr. carbon arrow. Pretty darn fast for a trad-bow in this weight range. Smooth as silk and quiet as a mouse. I may have to have two of these. They are that nice......

Thanks for the great service and craftsmanship.

I sold Steve's bows for a few years. He was building bows at that time that were different than anything else being built. He used double sting grooves on the tips, the second groove was designed for a stringer. Steve is an artist by trade and the finishes he put onto the bows was exceptional. He built some that would change color in the sunlight. He painted some that were works of art. His prices were slightly higher than some of the other bows I was selling, but considering the work he put into them, the prices were fair. I can't remember for sure but I think I sold about 20-30 or his bows in about 4 years. I have not talked to Steve for a couple of years and I do not know if he is still building bows. He is an honest builder who takes a lot of pride in his workmanship and his product. John

, traditional archery equipmentTraditional Archery Magazine

Steve, I've been shooting one of your bows for four years now since I got it when I was 14 yrs old.  It shoots just as good as it looks!  I always get compliments about the blue and purple color scheme. All the girls I show it to are amazed! This bow really shoots an arrow for being such a light draw weight.  I hope to get more time to shoot with you this year, and had lots of fun at TBOF with you and all the crazy Bushmen bow shooters.   Katrina


Thanks again,

Yes I am very, very pleased with the bow. It’s a dream to shoot with.   Easy smooth draw, super quiet and zero shocks.

This is an amazingly practical and fast bow, that is also beautiful to look at; the lines of the bow and the workmanship is simply outstanding.

When I first looked at your bows on your site I really liked what I saw, but actually having one, perfectly tailored for my body size and strength is something else. 

Every time I take it to the range and first take it out I always get a couple of   "nice bow, man!",   … then when the arrow leaves the shelf it is usually follow by another "Very nice bow, man!".          

After just 3 week-ends practicing with it (along with your much needed tips) my consistency and precision vastly improved. … I was fairly happy shooting with my old long bow at 15 and 20 yards, but now I am very pleased from 20 to 30 yards.

I still have to practice a bit more to go and shoot it past 30 yards ….soon!

Thank you again for all your recommendations, your availability and patience with my requests when building the bow.