Custom Finish Options

The possibilities are endless! Steven Jewett Master Finish Artistwith over 30 years of experience can create a multitude of unique effects making your bow a one of a kind. Some of the many options available include: Dyed bamboo effects on limb cores, hand painted camo patterns, iridescent effects over carbon (Cameleon Finish), and Holographic images to name a few. These exclusive variations can really personalize your bow.

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Dyed Bamboo Autumn Camo Finishes

Also available in green camo


Standard Finish

A proprietaory process using a high grade epoxy. Bushmen finishes  are furniture grade smooth and second to none. All Bushmen Bows come with a standard, hand-rubbed satin finish. This finish is the most durable, long lasting finish on the market today and is a tough as nails. 

Double carbon back limbs with black & red glass overlays

Talon Tips

These tips emulate the talons of an eagle. They not only look wicked awesome...they can also be used as a bow hook. Made of strong solid black fiberglass, they are a truly a distinctive looking accent

Add $50.00


Solid black glass riser with turquoise Marbacryl 

with black & white Phenolic accents featuring custom holographics

Take-down version with ergonomic Toad Skin grip

Dead Stick Riser

This design features belly glass through the riser. Made with black fiberglass and a combination of heavy materials such as Marbacryl or epay hardwoodwhichmakes this the heaviest riser that Bushmen builds. Comparable to recurve handles in weight, it makes for an awesome shooting bow with excellent accuracy and zero hand shock combined with an unique look. Competition shooters, check this riser'll love it!

Add $175.00

Fishtail Riser

Combining variations of wood species and synthetic materials, the fishtail riser not only provides additional also allows you to own a one of a kind handcrafted riser with your choice of material combinations, giving your bow the unique look you want.                                Add $75.00

Fishtail Risers

featuring Bubinga and Diamondwood with black & white accents and clear Toad skin grips

Standard Glass Risers

Solid fiberglass is known for its strength and mass, creating no flex in the riser at all. This makes for an awesome shooting bow and is recommended for Bushmen Premium Bows. By positioning the weight of the bow in the middle it provides stability and mass, which equals accuracy      

Add $75.00


Standard Wood Riser

Stabilized and reinforced with a 1/4" fiberglass beam the length of the riser.

This riser is featured on our American Native bow

American Warrior

featuring Talon Tips, Toad-skin grip & Custom Holographics.



This bow features a reverse handle style riser made of solid black fiberglass along with the fast double-carbon limb design. Offering an old world design with a medieval look and feel while providing modern stabilization and mass.

The American Warrior starts at $1,275.00

Sneeky Stick Take-down with Glass-through Riser,

Toad skin grip, and black & white overlays.


This is the Take-down model of the American Native. Featuring a two piece Take-down design, this bow handles and shoots like a one piece.

The riser is reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber for superior strength which has withstood the test of time

The Sneeky Stick starts at $1,050.00


and craftsmanship

second to none"


A traditional bow with a hybrid reflex-deflex limb design. The sleek design of this bow features superior speed and accuracy with very minimal hand shock

The American Native starts at $850.00

Bushmen Traditional Bows

Custom Traditional Bow

Bushmen Traditional Bows Custom Traditional Bows

Bushmen Custom Traditional Bows

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Dyed Spalted Bamboo Finish


Standard Limb

Standard UL clear fiberglass comes on the back and belly with an Action Bamboo core creating a fast durable, and strong limb


Dead Stick riser with Dagger ergonomic grip and black and white overlays. Solid glass and Marbacryl with custom holographics


Zooloo Tips

This unique double groove design allows you to safely and easily string your bow.

This exclusive Zooloo knock tip design comes standard on all American Native bows

Glass Through Riser

This riser is super strong due to its time tested design. Belly glass runs through the riser. Wood or glass can be used in this riser as combinations, as well as accents. The result is an extremely stable riser, with no hand shock and elegant appealing lines.

Add $75.00.

Solid black glass riser with red accents, black Toad skin grip, and red and black overlays

Carbon Limb

Bushmen offers a double carbon layer on the back of the limb to create an even faster shooting bow with a unique look. 

Add $125.00    

Carbon Limb with Chameleon Finish

Add $ 200.00